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2017 Seattle Conference Presentations
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This list does not constitute the full list of presentations, just the ones presenters sent in.


Alumni Career & Professional Development: The New Frontier for Career Services

Presenter: Cindy Hyman | University of Denver

As the cost of a college education rises, students and alumni measure their educational return on investment in terms of career success. Alumni career and professional development provides relevant, lifelong support. It is the sequel to college career services and an important bridge that affords employers unique engagement opportunities with a target market. In this session, you will learn the key elements of a successful alumni program that provides meaningful services and engages employers.


Are YOU Career Ready? Key Competencies and Trends for Career Services Leaders

Presenter: Suzanne Helbig – University of California Irvine | Tom Devlin – University of California Berkeley

With unprecedented challenges and opportunities facing career services, are the skills that saw us through past eras enough or are we facing our own “skills gap?” What do YOU need to be career ready? Join us to gain a framework for strategically approaching the future, including challenges, opportunities, trends, best management practices, and key competencies the leaders of our profession need to know today to set a successful course for the future.


Aspirational Resumes

Presenters: Brenda Mendez | Kathy Kim – California State University, Dominguez Hills

For this roundtable, the presenter will engage the participants in an Aspirational Resume simulation to illustrate the theory and importance in the early introduction of an aspirational resume for students, but also the flexibility to adjust to other populations, such as professional staff development. The presenter will also walk through some of our handouts that we use with students and provide materials in an easy step by step process. The objective of the roundtable is to provide an interactive environment for the participants as well as lay the groundwork for the participants to bring the Aspirational Resume tool to back their campuses and professional groups.


Building Employment Brand for Entry-Level Talent Acquisition

Presenters: Glen Fowler | Marilyn Mackes – National Association of Colleges and Employers

NACE has paved the way in developing strategies and best practices that guide employers when recruiting college talent. To provide additional support and insight, this session will draw on employer recruiting benchmarks from more than 700 employers and student survey data on career-related expectations and preferences from more than 20,000 students. Presenters will address fast-paced changes in the talent acquisition landscape; building sustainable recruitment strategies for entry-level talent; and understanding what attracts entry-level talent to an employment brand.


Connecting the Disconnect: Maximizing Your Reach through Virtual Engagement
Presenter: Charlene Delapena – Coinbase

Looking for transformative ways to expand your reach by connecting virtually but you think virtual info sessions are lacking? This presentation will shakeup your perception of a typical virtual engagement by providing best practices to make virtual events more appealing, engaging, intimate, and effective. Find unique ways to start or take your virtual engagements to the next level.


Engage, Empower, Educate: Supporting Employers Through an Employer Education Series

Presenters: Briana Randall | Emma O’Neill-Myers | Jessie Smith | Hannah Muenzberg | Gail Cornelius – University of Washington

Looking to maximize staff time and expertise when helping employers navigate your campus? Interested in introducing employers to the best practices at your institution, or in our industry broadly? The University of Washington Career Centers have created an Employer Education Series to help employers find ready answers to commonly-asked questions, and to be successful in their recruiting efforts….all while allowing further reach and more employer engagement than traditional 1:1 consultations. Join us to learn more! - View Handout


Expand Your Reach After Hours: How to become a 24/7 Career Center

Presenters: Marlenee Blas | Kristen Roberts | Derrin Ford – University of California Riverside

Career Centers are their own YouTube Channel! Discover how to incorporate educational videos for your career center. More than ever, Gen Z wants visual and snack-able content. Learn innovative ways to engage students and expand your reach through technology, even when the office is closed. Think you need to be creative to develop content? Concerned about costs or staffing challenges? Find out successes and challenges of how UC Riverside launched education videos in one year!


Expanding the Employer Reach: Using the Student Voice to Connect Talent to Careers

Presenter: Sarah A. Roeder | Katie Flint – Colorado State University

Historically, career services are understaffed to serve all the goals that our valued employers need. Congruently, employers are seeking ways to expand their reach into a generation of students who desire to learn from their peers, not ‘experts.’ Learn how this program supports career centers to expand and deepen relationships with employers by offering a unique resource that magnifies company brand and recruitment strategies through peer to peer marketing and a consistent on-campus presence.


Graduate Goals and Satisfaction: An Analysis of Graduate Motivations and Reported Career Outcome Satisfaction

Presenter: Michael Bell - Grad Leaders

We will present a novel evaluation of college student career development by looking at students’ reported professional motivations, how well their education enabled them to affect those motivations, and the relationship between reaching these goals and reported satisfaction with their first postgraduation occupation using national data gathered using The Outcomes Survey.


Hiring & On Boarding Best Practices

Presenters: Kelly Dries | Ella Butler - University of Utah

It takes patience, proper screening and an effective recruitment and selection process to hire the right person. Once you’ve hit that landmark, it’s critical to outline milestones for your new hires to accomplish. Without these goals, it’s easy for them to become under-challenged or overwhelmed. This presentation will walk the audience through what University of Utah Career Service’s has done to revamp their hiring process, recruit the most competitive applicants and train new employees effectively.


How to use 21st century design thinking to answer that dated question, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Presenters: Donna Crow | Jillian Morley – Utah State University

What do you want to be when you grow up? In this highly impactful session inspired by Designing Your Life, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, you can learn to re-frame this question. Explore and apply design thinking with a variety of audiences—expanding traditional approaches to career/life planning and employee engagement. Practice applying ‘design thinking’ in your own life and with audiences at all ages and stages of development. Through play and collaboration design your way forward! - View Handout


Leveraging a Job Shadow Program to Encourage, Engage, & Empower Diverse Student Populations

Presenters: Tonie Zhu | Suzanne Helbig – University of California Irvine

Are you a career services professional looking to create a Job Shadow Program on your campus? Do you currently run a Job Shadow Program, and are looking for ways to better serve your diverse student population such as first-generation students, international students, and other underrepresented communities? If you are an organization looking to connect with students on a more meaningful level, then join us in an engaging and informative Job Shadow Program workshop!


Making Parents Work for You!

Presenters: Melissa McCrickard | Donna Jean Horton Novitsky – Claremont McKenna College

Parents of collegians are more interested than ever in staying involved with their child’s college experience. Why not find a way to harness this enthusiasm and make parents work for you? At Claremont McKenna College, we have successfully “Expanded the Reach” of our students by incorporating the expertise, experience and connections of our engaged CMC parent group. Learn how to engage parents and generate innovative parent-focused programming for your campus.


Mapping out Faculty Engagement Strategies

Presenters: Katie Freedman | Kelsey Schultz – University of San Diego

Expanding Our Reach in career development means collaborating with as many campus partners as possible to effectively leverage career development - faculty engagement is an essential component of this. Resources from several universities, including UCLA, NYU, and University of Connecticut informed our process at USD. Walk away with resources on how to utilize data to create strategic interaction maps with goal-setting functions through a five-step process. - View Handout


Meeting Students Where They Are: Developing Successful Career Engagement

Presenters: Kiersten Gjerstad | Korrie Gernert – Arizona State University

This session will introduce a sustainable strategy for increasing student attendance and engagement at career events. Participants will be provided a model and method that can be scaled to any college/university.


Preparing Students Through Professional Development Certificates following the NACE Career Readiness Competencies

Presenters: Aleta Wolfe | Jody Borum | Nora Diaz – California State University, Fresno

Are your students prepared to transition from student to professional? Career readiness of college graduates has been an important issue in higher education and in the labor market. This session will cover incorporating the eight NACE career ready competencies to further students’ professional development through the implementation of Professional Development Certificate programs. Participants will learn another means to expand their outreach efforts to increase student career readiness/career development on their college campus.


Reaching Today’s Students: How to Best Leverage Career Center Resources to Brand and Recruit On-Campus

Presenters: Jeff Brzozowski – Travelers | Suzanne Helbig – University of California Irvine

This expert panel will share career center perspectives on best practices and innovative ideas to help recruiters “expand your reach” for today AND prepare you to work with career centers and students of tomorrow. Join us to dispel myths that prevent career centers and university relations staff/representatives from optimizing their partnerships. Leave with actionable ideas from different industries and campus types that can be adapted to add value at your organization.


Paid Internships for Everyone: Expanding Opportunities for Students and Employers Through a Funded, Multidisciplinary Internship Program

Presenter: Elizabeth Loun – University of Nevada, Reno

Too often students turn down valuable, yet unpaid, internship opportunities due to financial infeasibility. At the University of Nevada, we’ve created a program that funds paid internships for students at area non-profits, startups, and public agencies. Now approaching its 4th year, the awardwinning program has tripled in size and continues to evolve. This session dives into the process of developing, implementing, and assessing such a program, including goal-setting, participant selection, promotion, legal considerations, and funding.


Virtual Career Services: How to Utilize Technology to Deliver Career Content for Online and Residential Students

Presenters: Alycia McKenzie | Dean Kirkpatrick – University of Washington – Information School

Career advising methods must keep pace with the increasing number of online enrollees, as well as residential students with a preference toward digital tools. This presentation explains how to use technology to stream and record workshops, create content that can be accessed on-demand, and build a career-services learning module. Participants will leave with an understanding of the specific technologies and software used to enhance career advising, along with best practices for creating interactive presentations.

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