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Best Practices for Working Remotely

Thursday, March 26, 2020   (1 Comments)
Posted by: Dr. Kelly Dries
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Best Practices for Working Remotely:

As an introvert and an “Achiever”, when I heard that we would be working from home, my first reaction was pure joy.  I was excited, engaged, and energized by the prospect of being able to achieve all that I could at home, without having to have those “small talk” conversations that I sometimes dread.  However, after two days of working remotely, I began getting massive headaches from “too much screen-time” and not enough breaks.  I realized that those “small talk conversations” that I disliked often forced me to take breaks.  When people popped by my office to chat, it gave me time to break away from the screen and whatever project I was working on.  Now I would have to learn to take breaks on my own. 

While many of us navigate working remotely for prolonged periods of time for the first time, our Education and Professional Development Committee came up with the below list of tips that have helped us in this transition.  We hope that some of these might help you as well, and if you have additional tips, please share those in the comments!  We are all in this together!

1. Find a balance that works for you between your work and personal space.  – Craig Oka, Director, California State University Northridge

2. Find time to get up and move.  There are great mini workouts that you can do every few hours.  Even pausing for some pushups! – Carol Huang, Career Counselor, University of California, Santa Barbara

3. Coordinate lunch with those who are also working at home with you, whether a partner or children – Dale Stoker, Assistant Director of Employer Services at California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo

4. Learn when work is over, and be able to walk away and end your day. – Gabriela Castaneda, Assistant Director, Argyros School, Chapman University

5. Get ready each morning like you are going to the office still.  – Carmen Gold-Johnson, Assistant Director, Employer Engagement & Internship Development, University of Utah

6. Make it work.  With two small children, sometimes that’s going where my toddler can’t find me.  It’s about getting creative to make it all work. – Michelle Levy, Assistant Director, Graduate Business Career Services, California State University – Long Beach

7. Embrace the technology that exists to help you in this time. – Allison Musser, Associate Director, Career Coaching & Strategic Partnerships, University of Utah

8. Remember to blink with all of this increased screen time. – Andrea Hanson, Associate Director, UC Davis

9. Structure your day, so that you have a game plan. Set (and keep) your working hours, and take a few minutes to plan your day in the morning. – Sara Jones, Assistant Director, Center for Career and Calling, Seattle Pacific University

10. Do the normal things I had planned, and if you don’t have them, get yourself the Blue Light Glasses. – Val Matta, Co-Owner at Careershift

11. Utilize your breaks in a new way.  Whether it’s finding time to enjoy what you did as a kid, or taking your dog for a walk. – Courtney Frost, Career Coach, College of Engineering, Louisiana State University

12. Use your support system. – Leanna Izen, Career Educator, Chapman University

13. Experiment with productivity strategies. The Pomodoro Technique is one I like, where you break your day into 25-minute chunks separated by five-minute breaks. – Michael Kimball-Bryant, Employer & Student Engagement Coordinator, Western Governor’s University

14. Adopt a ‘work-first mindset’. – Sarah Raymond, Director, Montana Tech

15. Be patient with yourself. – Kelly Dries, Executive Director, University of Redlands

Dr. Kelly Dries
Executive Director, Office of Career & Professional Development
University of Redlands


Shari Leder, Weber State University says...
Posted Thursday, March 26, 2020
Thank you for sharing! I actually love the Pomodoro Technique and have used it just today!

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