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Useful Tips to Navigate Through COVID-19

Monday, May 18, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gabriela Castaneda
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It’s been a couple of incredibly stressful and challenging weeks, and by many indicators, it appears that this crisis will persist for a while longer. Yes, we’re still here creating our new “normal’ in the Coronavirus Era, some of us working from home, learning new platforms on the fly, homeschooling our children, yikes! Trying to balance life has become a little more challenging. While many others face, in my opinion, a more daunting challenge, they are still reporting to their place of employment, putting themselves at risk, worried about everything they touch, and how close they come to those around them. It’s mentally and emotionally taxing! 

Life feels surreal right now!

Like many higher education professionals, I am struggling with this new normal. I know most people are too! Classes have been transformed rather quickly to an online format, and the once lively, dynamic and thriving campuses are practically deserted. Meanwhile, from a little corner of the house, Zoom is the new roommate and preferred platform to host classes, meetings, and interviews, it all feels so unnatural. Yet, we are committed to looking for ways to support and engage with students and business partners. 

Here is a shortlist of tips that I find useful to navigate through this uncertain and fluid situation. I hope you find them helpful too.

  • Hopeful that this too shall pass, while disinfecting like never before
  • Checking in with others (family, friends, colleagues)
  • Continue to be of service through my job and volunteering work
  • Staying informed, but optimistic and grateful for the incredible people in the frontlines that are doing fantastic work to keep us safe and healthy (shout out to the healthcare, technology, agricultural- farm workers, manufacturing, and housekeeping communities)
  • Taking mental breaks from our current reality and diving into Tiger King (talk about a different reality, WOW!) 
  • Reaching out to employers, not only to check on the status of their recruiting efforts but to check on them on a personal level
  • Reaching out to students to check on how they are adjusting and reminding them of the importance of staying connected with career services and employers (especially those that are graduating this spring)
  • Reinforcing business continuity and resilience by reviewing what we have in place and evaluating current needs
  • Practicing self-care with short daily workouts (including walking my puppy- Winter) to clear my mind and get those endorphins flowing, after all the goal is to stay healthy 
  • Reading a good book/article (Grit by Angela Duckworth/Mother Teresa’s Reaching Out In Love by Edward L. Joy & Jaya Chaliha ) and listening to upbeat music (Pink is my girl!)
  • Last but not least, cuddling my boys and Winter (we have been together 24/7 for the past three weeks). 

As the spread of COVID-19 continues to increase across the globe, I am keeping all of you in my thoughts. I hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy. 

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About Author:
Gabriela Castaneda, Ed.D., Assistant Director at Chapman University

700 R Street, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95811 | Phone: 916-231-2140