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In the Spotlight: Growing Up Digital
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MPACE Member Spotlight - October 2015
Arizona State University and its Career Services Team’s 
Innovative Recruiting 101 Program


Featuring Korrie Gernert, ASU Recruiting Events Manager


For those of you who do not know much about Arizona State University, you should probably get to know them a little bit better because they are taking over! Last year’s campus enrollment topped 68,000 students, and their online student enrollment totaled nearly 14,000. In the 2013-2014 academic year alone, Arizona State University awarded 19,761 degrees! Just last month the university was named one of the world’s “most innovative schools” by U.S. News and World Report college rankings for 2016.

Arizona State University (ASU), along with its Career Services team, has implemented several programs and initiatives in an effort to increase innovation. I had the opportunity to speak with Korrie Gernert, Recruiting Events Manager for ASU Career Services, to discuss a fairly new program they have implemented called Recruiting 101. Recruiting 101 was created to help employers recruit thousands of students who are awarded degrees from ASU each year. Korrie shared that they decided to start the program when they “realized that there was a need to educate recruiters on how to recruit effectively at ASU and university campuses in general.” They had several recruiters reaching out to their department directly with questions, which highlighted the fact that there was an opportunity to fulfill an important need.

I asked Korrie how they took what began as an idea, and turned it into a successful program. Korrie mentioned that it was fairly easy to get the program off the ground; their main struggle was limited space and securing space with the university. The first time they offered the program was the most challenging.  They had to create the content and presentations from scratch. When ASU held its first Recruiting 101 event, there was no charge for employers to attend. They really wanted to make the information accessible to anyone. As the program grew to an average of 60 recruiters per event (if they had bigger space they could add more), they eventually needed to start charging a small per person fee to cover parking and meal expenses.

During this one-day event which is offered every semester, several topics are covered to help employers effectively navigate recruiting on campus (especially such a large campus!). At the most recent Recruiting 101 event, topics included Internships at ASU, Job Shadow Programs, How to Succeed at Recruiting Events, and Hiring International Students. At each event they also review “Sun Devil Careerlink,” the website employers use to post jobs, register for events, and search student resumes when seeking talent from ASU.  To conclude the program, ASU Career Services brings in a panel of seasoned recruiters from different companies to offer other employers a real world perspective on recruiting at ASU. Being that the MPACE Communications theme for October is “Growing up Digital,” I asked Korrie if this topic has been addressed in any of their Recruiting 101 workshops. Korrie responded that although the topic has not yet arisen, it would be a great topic for future Recruiting 101 events.

ASU wanted to use Recruiting 101 as a way to connect employers with on-campus recruiting.  Since MPACE is the regional association whose specific mission is to connect employers and University Career Services staff, Korrie shared that it was natural to co-brand their Recruiting 101 events with MPACE.  MPACE offers a myriad of tools and resources for employers and career center staff. ASU has always been a huge MPACE supporter, and they wanted their employer partners to reap the same benefits that ASU had been privy to.  ASU had found that the connections facilitated through MPACE have led to wonderful partnerships, friendships and educational opportunities. 

As they continue to see increased interest in Recruiting 101, I was interested to know how they measure the success of their program. Korrie shared that they send out a survey to all participants to solicit general feedback and new ideas. So far, they heard nothing but positive feedback from the surveys and comments shared by employers they see at future events. Korrie mentioned, “It’s always fun to run into an employer at a career fair who we recognize from Recruiting 101, and they go out of their way to thank us for introducing them to recruiting tips at the workshop!”

Not only has this program proved successful for employers recruiting students on campus, but also for Korrie and her staff. Korrie mentioned how great it has been to provide this service and address many questions to a large group all at once. She added, “The face-to-face time is great also. It’s wonderful to put a name with a face; it helps build solid relationships.”

As I wrapped up my conversation with Korrie, I asked her to share one piece of advice about Recruiting 101 with other campuses that may be interested in launching the program. She said, “Number one: provide food!” and “I would send out a survey through your employer database to get a feel for the types of topics employers are looking to learn about when it comes to recruiting on college campuses.” To any college considering launching a similar program, ASU’s Recruiting 101 program serves as an excellent model.  And remember, you want there to be a need for your service. Arizona State University continues to be innovative in many ways, and this just goes to show, Career Services is an important part of that.

Korrie Gernert is the Recruiting Events Manager at Arizona State University Career Services. She also serves as MPACE Regional Director for the Mountain South Region. Korrie can be reached at korrie.gernert@asu.edu and you can find her on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/korriegernert


This Spotlight article was compiled by Heather Jansen of the MPACE Communications Committee. Heather is the Talent Acquisition Specialist at Enterprise Rent-C-Car 

700 R Street, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95811 | Phone: 916-231-2140