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2021 Board of Directors - Call for Nominations
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Nomination processes closes September 30, 2020.

On behalf of the current Board of Directors, MPACE is pleased to announce our call for nominations for upcoming Board role vacancies for 2021.

Please consider nominating yourself or someone else in the membership ranks whom you believe will represent MPACE well on the Board.

All Board positions are two-year terms, except the President role which serves a three-year term as President-Elect/President/Past President.

Upcoming Board positions for which we are seeking nominations are as follows:

  • President-Elect (College Member) 
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary 
  • Regional Director, Pacific North
  • Regional Director, Pacific South
  • Regional Director, Mountain East

Serving on the Board is a professional service that is challenging yet rewarding. All nominations are strongly considered by the Nominations Committee based upon past MPACE involvement with committees, projects or prior board experience. All members are encouraged to update their MPACE membership points. These point accumulations are always taken into consideration when vetting nominations and selecting candidates.

You may wish to contact current Board members for insight into the role prior to nominating yourself or another individual. View our Board of Directors webpage for contact information.

If chosen to be on the voting slate, all nominees shall provide written consent and acknowledgement from both their employer and themselves of their consent and willingness to serve.

The nominations process will close on September 30, 2020. All nominations must be received on or before that date.

The final slate will be determined by the Nominations Committee and presented and approved upon by the Board of Directors. The nominations committee will adhere to the bylaws of MPACE in attempting to balance the geographic, organizational and diversity representation for open positions.

Thank you!



Position Charge summaries as reflected in the MPACE Policy Manual.

President-Elect (College Member)
The Vice President/President Elect shall perform all the duties of the President in his/her absence or at the President’s request. The Vice President/President Elect shall chair the Financial Advisory Committee, collaborate with the Treasurer in the development of the Association’s annual budget, and perform other duties as may be assigned by the President.

The Treasurer is charged with overseeing the management of all financial matters related to the operation of the Association in conjunction with the Executive Director; monitoring and maintaining a custodial responsibility for all financial disbursements and receipts; managing the development of the Association’s annual operating budget; ensuring the maintenance of, preparation of and distribution of accurate and timely statements of financial condition (including Budgets and Balance Sheets) to the Board and the membership; in conjunction with the Executive Director, ensuring that all required Income Tax returns and corporation status documentation are prepared and submitted by a qualified tax preparer on-time basis; serving on the Financial Advisory Committee; and monitoring and reporting on the performance of the Association investment portfolio (the ‘Operating Reserve’).

The Secretary serves as a Corporate Officer of the association and as such is charged with ensuring the maintenance of all records of the Association in collaboration with the Executive Director and serving as the Association’s Historian.

Regional Director - Pacific North | Pacific South | Mountain East
Region directorates are charged with coordinating and directing (via committees) the development and delivery of ALL programs, services, workshops, seminars etc., in their respective region; conducting regional membership “pulse taking” and survey initiatives; and identifying and providing developmental opportunities for members with an interest in or potential for assuming leadership roles within the Association.



(if nominating candidate for more than one position, please indicate such on this form; no need to fill out a separate one)

Please provide information about your nominee that you would like to be taken into consideration during the vetting process (i.e. any experience you have working with this person, any committees you are aware of that this person has participated on, etc.)

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