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Highlights from MPACE 2018: Making Dreams Reality
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Highlights from MPACE 2018: Making Dreams Reality

By Ella Butler, M.Ed., Director of Career Services at Salt Lake Community College & MPACE Communications Committee Lead – Visual Content

MPACE 2018 was a record year as we hit over 500 attendees and 25 exhibitors; I’d say definitely turning MPACE’s dream into a reality. As we gear-up for 2019, it can be motivating to look back, celebrate our successes, and interweave the past highlights as we hit the ground running. MPACE 2018 was an amazing conference, and while impossible to capture all of our successes, below is a snapshot of some of the most talked about career and employer topics. 

Moving Data to Action: Making Your Organization’s Dreams Become a Reality
We are told and know that data is important… but, how good are our data if they do not get used? Over the past year MPACE institutions have been even more intentional in utilizing the data we gather in our marketing, client appointments, and programmatic decisions. Career Services professionals can continue to improve in this area, and are proud of some of the strides we’ve taken so far. By improving the timing and methods of our qualitative and quantitative data, by relying heavily on anecdotal qualitative feedback, and staying in tune to campus/employer partner needs we’ve been able to make good use of the data we collect around our marketing efforts. If randomly talking to clients, organizing a client panel, or in general data isn’t your thing, think of other strategies that will work for you and your team. Bottom line, find ways to make use of the data you have & allow it to help you improve in your day to day work! Need to spruce up your data techniques? Connect with MPACE presenter organizations: University of Utah, Loyola Marymount University, San Luis Obispo, California State University, Fresno, University of Denver, and Gonzaga University, Salt Lake Community College, and University of Redlands.


Diversity and Inclusion: Turning Dreams into Accountability
The words “diversity and inclusion” are highly talked about at conferences, and in some instances, the topic has become oversaturated. While diversity and inclusion are not meant to be a checked box or a statement you throw up on your team’s website, these principles are meant to ground career leaders in the field on how we are best serving our clients.  With increasing nationwide tension serving as a catalyst between education and support, organizations are being tasked with ever-changing complex 1:1 student conversations, recruiting practices and policies, and diverse practices for career readiness; not to mention organizational pressure for blanket policy statements on employer and client policies. Knowing how to best serve our clients, support our staff, and be up to date on best practices can be intimidating and exhausting. For tips, MPACE leaders suggest finding mentors, joining NACE affinity communities, reading articles, attending webinars, and most importantly continuously communicating with leaders and constituents within your organization. Still unsure how to navigate tension? Connect with MPACE presenter organizations: University of California Riverside, Colorado State University, University of British Columbia, UC Merced, Vanguard, Loyola Marymount University, University of Nevada, Reno, Whitman College, Enterprise, Colorado State University, Sand Diego State University, and Geico, Portland Community College.


Navigating Change: Creating New Dreams Following Organizational Change
One of the hottest topics at MPACE 2017 was the idea of scaling, which refers to the idea of strategically slimming down resources, programs, appointments and so forth to do more with ultimately less.  For MPACE 2018, career leaders focused on how to help teams navigate life after scaling. Whether you are a new leader, inherited a new leader, or are experiencing organizational transitions, change can be difficult. As a field, Career Services is booming with best practices, new technology, career readiness theories, and scalability. As leaders, it is important to communicate a clear vision, have consistent 1:1s with your teams, and understand how your team stays motivated. Need more support? Connect with MPACE presenter organizations: University of Redlands, Loyola Marymount University, Arizona State University, University of Denver, Colorado State University, Cal Poly Slo, California State University, Fullerton, University of Arizona, and Gonzaga University.


Becoming an Expert: Making Your Dreams Become a Reality
Reading a blog may not necessarily make you jump for joy with an “aha moment”, so below are a few experiences that may help you become your own expert:

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