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In the Spotlight: Spring Cleaning
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MPACE Member Spotlight - March 2016




Featuring Lee Payne of Wynbi


Many recruiters and job seekers alike feel that the current recruiting model is broken—and Lee Payne from Wynbi would agree. Everyone involved in the process is desperately seeking connections, and for some reason these connections have been difficult to accomplish. Recruiters share that it is “hard to engage with students,” and the current generation of students crave social connectivity that does not initiate from a company’s job site. This sounds like an environment ripe for evolution, and Wynbi is one piece of tech that can bridge the connectivity gap between students and professionals.


In this month’s MPACE spotlight, Lee Payne—CMO at Wynbi—shares his advice on how career centers and recruiters can prioritize their technology platforms in order to maximize connectivity and drive us to the future of Career Services.


The Technology Fatigue Problem

Lee will be the first to admit that the Career Services/Recruiting industry is saturated with technology platforms—each of them providing their own unique blend of services. Technology fatigue is real. With so many options out there, we can be easily overwhelmed by the choice and variety. Unfortunately, as we buy into more and more of the technology options on the market, each individual piece of tech becomes less likely to deliver on its full service potential. Lee’s advice: before becoming overzealous with tech buy-in, first clean up your priorities and determine your core needs. “Whatever tech you have, make it a priority. Make it a daily part of your daily, weekly, and monthly routine.” By being clear on what it is that we truly need, we can better determine the appropriate piece of technology to best meet that need and be more committed to seeing that technology succeed.


Many career centers have developed a process through which they will systematically evaluate every new technology on its ability to deliver value-added services to the career center’s core competencies. This is a good thing. Lee shares that technology vendors are not just interested in pressuring a career center into a sale. They would rather enter into a relationship established by honest evaluation and careful consideration. With this foundation, the technology platform will be best able to provide more significant value and the vendor better able to support their clients.


Wynbi Offers a Solution

After careful evaluation, Wynbi just may be the technology to meet the needs of career centers and bridge the connectivity gap between students and professionals. Today’s students have grown up in a social world. They are not interested in engaging in the recruiting process through online job boards of the past. Lee says, “[Millennial students] are not interested at all in going to a job page… they just don’t do it. That’s not how they interact, and that’s not how they’re interested in consuming information.” Today’s students are utterly connected through social platforms, and Wynbi’s platform is social in its core and grounded in connectivity. It’s one of the first social networks to blend personal and professional engagement in a single platform. In doing so, Wynbi provides an avenue for students to connect in ways that are familiar to them, rather than forcing them to engage in ways that made sense 20 years ago. Wynbi helps form community around specific areas of common ground, such as members of a student organization or classmates or alumni, thereby allowing more natural connectivity between group members.


As Career Services trends away from age-old recruiting practices and toward an era of hyper-connectivity, Wynbi is one technology platform available to foster connections among the job seeking and recruiting communities—and one that “operates as students operate” as Lee makes clear. For a career center to be successful in this new era, it is important that they fully utilize and embrace the technology platforms which align with their goals and priorities.


Lee Payne is the CMO of Wynbi, and can be reached at leepayne@wynbi.com. You can also find him on Wynbi at https://www.wynbi.com/profiles/lee-s-wynbi-profile/join


This Spotlight article was compiled by Eric Bloomquist of the MPACE Communications Committee. Eric is a Career Coach at the University of Utah, and can be reached at ebloomquist@sa.utah.edu or



If you are interested in contributing ideas and/or content for a spotlight article please contact Amie Hammond, MPACE Director of Communications.




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