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New Age Networking: How Millennials Build and Sustain Relationships Trend
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MPACE Education and Professional Development Committee


Article: New Age Networking: How Millennials Build and Sustain Relationships

By Federico Re

MPACE Topic & Review: “Networking with Professionals” - November 2017

Summary: Chrissy Conde



            This article bye Federico Re, “New Age Networking: How Millennials Build and Sustain Relationships,” highlights the ever-changing dynamics in the realm of networking specifically for Millennials.  With constant shifts in emerging technologies and cultures, along with a variety of social media platforms on the tips of their fingertips, we all need to be open-minded to the idea that the art of “networking” is moving beyond the traditional ideals of building relationships.  The full article can be viewed at the following web address: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-age-networking-how-millennials-build-sustain-relationships-re/



Article Summary

Your network is everywhere.  It is your daily interactions or your face-to-face relationships. Your network involves any person you speak to every day and even those you’ve never met, like your social media friends or virtual connections. At the end of the day, there is a potential of joining anyone’s network. As the world evolves, so should the individuals that live in it.  While each generation has a specific way of networking that works for them, Millennials specifically “go about developing and sustaining their relationships to achieve their goals and objectives in life at work,” through the utilization of technology to their advantage.


With multi-generational teams working side by side in the workplace, it is important to understand how all generations vary in their communication styles, thus resulting in different preferred ways of networking.  “New-age networking is all about having a ‘social lens’ put over traditional face-to-face networking.”  The Millennial generation is focused on accomplishing the quickest outcome in the most efficient way.  When it comes to networking in their business environment, it’s all about finding that balance of being able to use their smart phones while they are out doing what they consider “fun” because it benefits not just their job but themselves.  They are motivated by the power of technology, enjoying a diverse range of platforms such as “online chat, social media, and mobility, as compared to traditional TV advertising, telephone, or in store interactions.”


To foster success and collaboration for all generations under one roof, employers as well as college campuses must offer them, “regardless of age, an opportunity to contribute their ideas” to foster growth and development.  It all comes down to building a connection with every person because it’s trust and respect that ultimately aligns with any individual’s need to feel a sense of belonging and worth. When it comes to networking, companies must recognize that it is ok to extend beyond the traditional environment or norms of creating and sustaining these relationships because there is no exact science to perfecting the multi-generational dynamics; it’s about finding a balance of “nurturing” every person on your team, and keeping them engaged.


Implications for Recruiting Professionals and Employers


In order to successfully capture a diverse talent pool of candidates, Recruiting Professionals and Employers must use all platforms of recruitment to build teams that can learn from one another’s differences and foster innovation.  From face-to-face career fairs to virtual career fairs, and in this case, social network recruiting, companies can diversify their reach of potential candidates.  Embracing technology into the recruitment strategy can result in compelling benefits such as the ability to capture hidden candidates or passive candidates, job visibility when posting job openings, as well as maximizing employer brand recognition, which can essentially improve visibility to job seekers and consumers as well.


Implications for Career Center Professionals

With social media as an avenue of communication appealing to the younger generation, Career Center Professionals have the ability to educate students on how to begin building a professional network and use it as a networking technique.  With many companies utilizing social networking sights like LinkedIn or Facebook in the recruitment/interview process, it is imperative that students understand how their social media presence can affect them either positively or negatively.  So whether students are actively seeking a job or not, building a professional profile using social media will extend their professional reach beyond their immediate circle, thus increasing the potential of career opportunities.

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