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In the Spotlight: Back to Basics
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Leveraging Technology to Develop a Standout Resume

The MPACE theme for June is “Back to Basics.” In this month’s Spotlight Salil Pande, CEO of VMock, explains how his company’s platform is supporting students and career centers with a basic component of most job searches: the resume.  


VMock is a free, online instant resume feedback application. Using sophisticated algorithms and data science, VMock analyzes the user’s resume and provides detailed feedback to help the user create a standout resume.  


MPACE: Please tell our members how VMock is helping students and career centers when it comes to resumes.  


Pande: The resume remains to be the primary medium through which a candidate contacts a recruiter. However, once it reaches the recruiter’s inbox, the candidate has limited influence. An ineffective resume can hamper a student’s chance to get recruited. Career centers try to address this challenge by manually reviewing students’ resumes, which can be a logistically complex and highly demanding process when student numbers are large.  


VMock SMART Resume Platform addresses this pain point and provides instant feedback and guidance to students on their resumes, thereby enabling them to confidently approach their career coach for a 1-on-1 review, or directly submit their resumes to a recruiter. Moreover, career centers save valuable time so that they can focus on strategically powerful coaching and counselling.  


MPACE: How did VMock evolve?  Where are you going from here?  


Pande: My co-founder and I (MBAs from Kellogg School of Management and Chicago Booth) have a strong interest in helping individuals maximize their career potential, and we wanted to nurture this passion by achieving tremendous scale derived from technology - our core strength. VMock Platform leverages cutting edge data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics to achieve the results that are highly personalized for a candidate.  


Besides our widely accepted SMART Resume Platform, we have been in close collaboration with leading institutions to develop the next phase of our resume offering that will equip students to assess, identify and improve their positioning for a specific career or a job role.  


MPACE: How are VMock's services designed to help career centers?  Do they replace services that career centers are currently offering, augment them, or fill a void?  


Pande: Career centers have the incredible responsibility of imparting employability skills to their students, and are stretched for time educating students on countless career topics, ranging from networking to negotiating. Today, VMock is empowering career centers to focus their time on the most value adding activities thus leaving the tactical aspects of their job to the VMock platform.  


We take pride in our close relationship with the career centers and as the “BFF” of coaches. We believe it is a highly synergistic partnership, like Jeff Kudisch at Maryland said, “VMock allows coaches to focus on coaching” or as Jeff Rice at Ohio State university declared, “let VMock take the resume to 70% so that we can focus on the remaining 30%.”  


A current student’s world of interaction and connection is extremely digital and VMock strives to meet these needs. Our platform delivers consistently high standards of career guidance to students anytime, anywhere.  


VMock has just launched its service for alumni which will allow career centers to scale their offerings to a wider audience.  


MPACE: Thinking about our "Back to Basics" theme, what are some of the basic elements you believe a resume needs in order to be effective?  


Pande: A resume is the first hurdle for a student, however recruiters devote no more than 10 seconds to it. Needless to say, there are multiple elements to this first impression. We have analyzed, both manually and programmatically, thousands of resumes to identify three vital segments to a resume which must answer the following pertinent questions:  


1-Does your resume consist of the most impactful language?

2-Does it look good?

3-Does it represent the expected core competencies explicitly?  


MPACE: When we interview members for our monthly MPACE Spotlight articles we often ask them to share advice for student job seekers. However, because you are a successful entrepreneur can you please share what advice you would offer students who have entrepreneurial aspirations?  


Pande: The journey starts with identifying one pain-point that hurts real-bad, and the next step is to design a solution that eliminates that pain better than anything else. And then comes the step that everyone talks about i.e. Product-Market fit.  


If you focus on results, cultivate bias towards actions, instill quality as a fundamental value for the business, then you can be reasonably sure in meeting challenges along the way. But, know this for fact - entrepreneurship is not a sprint, it’s a serious long-term commitment.      



Salil Pande is the CEO of VMock and can be reached at salil.pande@vmock.com.  You can also find him on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/salilpande01  


This Spotlight article was compiled by Amie Hammond, MPACE Director of Communications. Amie is a Program Coordinator & Career Counselor at Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, and can be reached at akhammon@calpoly.edu or linkedin.com/in/amiehammond

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