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In the Spotlight: How Do We Assess All This Data?
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MPACE Member Spotlight - December 2015




An Interview with Jeff Brzozowski, current MPACE President and Manager of University Relations
Human Resources – Talent Acquisition, at Travelers

In recent years, we have seen an ongoing transformation in career development centers and university recruitment, seeking to address a paradigm shift focusing on high touch and high impact recruiting. Organizations such as the Mountain Pacific Association of Colleges and Employers (MPACE) are pushing boundaries, bringing light to the importance of early intervention and retention around career and professional development, as well as delivering opportunities to engage, learn, and network with experts in various industries.  At the center of this paradigm shift, lies the power within data-driven decision making.  Jeff Brzozowski, current MPACE President and Manager of University Relations Human Resources – Talent Acquisition, at Travelers stated, “Data is an opportunity to measure progress and the current state of effectiveness ... to evaluate and decide your actions.” 


With Jeff’s leadership at both Travelers and as MPACE President, he is shining more light on data-driven decision making as an opportunity to create and deliver something of value, as well as “continuing to push strategic thinking and effectiveness in its mission and purpose, while at the same time delivering on our product.”  Jeff’s role at Travelers also gives him the strategic drive to build various approaches to campus recruitment, manage and enhance relationships at several key universities, and manage internal University Relations Consultants in order to achieve optimal success. Jeff’s dual role should come as no surprise, as he has been heavily involved in leadership at MPACE since 2007; member of a conference planning sub-committee, presenter at multiple workshops, one being “use of data in college recruiting/career services,” MPACE task force about the future of the profession, Pacific Central regional sub-committee, Pacific Central Regional Director, and President-elect.


To grasp the potential impact of big data, Jeff provided some relevance for how data drives decision making both at Travelers and at MPACE.  First, at Travelers  Jeff alludes to the use of hard and soft data to assess outcomes and goals, driving an organization’s success, and the bottom line. For example, Jeff suggests the University recruitment amount of hires need to be in alignment with expectations by using both hard and soft data in order to truly evaluate and decide next steps, action plans, and best use of time. Within MPACE, data needs to be used to “measure our progress and current state of effectiveness.”  For example, data-decision making needs are to be taken into consideration around membership numbers, conference planning goals, budget, and other leading factors of success.  Data drives discovery, such as the Scott Resource Group, a consulting group, recently revealed through research in the MPACE organization which indicated important trends about members, non-members, and how to serve its mission with the current landscape. 


It is evident to see, know, and value the importance of data, but how do we use it more effectively?  The revelation is simple says Jeff, “it is important to pay attention to data and overall trends in the college recruiting landscape and to note where the current best practices are heading.”  This statement holds true for both universities and employers, as new tools are being adopted all the time, to most often, technologically enhancements for our business needs.  For example, Jeff mentioned that at Travelers, they rely heavily on several external sources and industry consortiums, while always infusing their internal data too.  Jeff suggests that universities should highlight data such as “diversity enrollment, mobility of the workforce, and placement/hiring” as key marketing tools. 


Data decides destiny. Okay that was a play on words there, but in all seriousness when data is used effectively it will lead a large role in the decision-making process. MPACE is your organization to explore, discover and professionally grow.  Jeff states “tap into that, however you can, wherever you can.  Start small and build from there, but take advantage of opportunities to further your passion and your career.”




Jeff Brzozowski is current President of MPACE, and Manager of University Relations Human Resources – Talent Acquisition at Travelers.  He can be reached at jbrzozow@travelers.com.  You can also find him at https://www.linkedin.com/pub/jeff-brzozowski/3/726/242



This Spotlight article was compiled by Nicole Rodriguez of the MPACE Communications Committee. Nicole is a Director of the Career Center at CSU Dominguez Hills.  She can be reached at nrodriguez@csudh.edu or https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolerodriguez1
700 R Street, Suite 200 | Sacramento, CA 95811 | Phone: 916-231-2140