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In the Spotlight: Leveraging the Conference Experience
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MPACE Member Spotlight - November 2017
Leveraging the Conference Experience


Do you want to create a lasting impression at the 2017 MPACE Seattle conference?  Do you want to spread awareness about a best practice or innovative idea you utilize in your office or on your campus? Do you want to meet an industry leader who can offer you tips on the latest and greatest recruitment efforts? Do you want to find potential new hires for open positions at your company or University?

Expand your reach at the 2017 MPACE Conference in Seattle.


First and foremost, make sure you have a purpose. What is your goal?  What is your measurable outcome?  Once that goal is set, use the MPACE approach;

Make eye contact, Prepare your schedule in advance, Attend the networking events, Communicate with others, and Expand your reach.


Make eye contact.  The importance of eye contact moves well beyond the interview process.  Motivate yourself to develop a network through making eye contact, socializing, and developing a relationship. 


Prepare your schedule. Review the schedule in advance aligning your attendance at the break-out sessions with your conference goals.   Is there a topic you want to learn more about?  Is there a panelist or speaker you want to network with?  Remember a schedule can change, but setting one is a great start.   


Attend the networking events.  The networking events are where a welcoming space and engaging people create fun.  You make the best of your experience, so utilize this low risk environment to get engaged and connected with colleagues and potential mentors. 


Communicate with others.  Communication is the magical part of the conference experience.  Allow yourself the opportunity to depart from comfort and invite in change.   At lunch, sit with a colleague you don’t know and allow yourself the opportunity to learn from the talent in the room.   


Expand your reach.  Networking allows for the possibility to share ideas, make connections, and build your present and your future.  You are responsible for expanding your reach, and using the MPACE approach can assist in building your network.


Plentiful opportunities stem from meaningful networking experiences, as the reward extends distance, withstands time, and is capable of changing lives in the most amazing ways. 

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