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Types & Benefits of Membership

MPACE Membership

There are six classes of membership in the Association: Regular, Affiliate, Student, New/Transitioning Professional, Retiree and Member Emeritus. With the exception of the Student, New Professional, Retiree and Member Emeritus membership classifications, membership is granted to organizations, not individuals.

The membership remains with the organization, only transferable to another person within the same organization during a given membership year. MPACE member organizations get as many "member rates" to conference and regional events as they have active Regular members - the names do not need to match.

Renew Your MPACE Membership


Regular Member – College: Any two- or four-year degree-granting (Associate, Baccalaureate or higher) educational institution in the western states and the US Territories of the Pacific overseas area (Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) listed in the Education Directory of the United States Office of Education or certified as approved or accredited by their respective state departments of education and/or regional accrediting association. Representatives of accredited educational institutions in other states may also apply for Regular membership.

Regular Member – Employer: Any employer organization that selects, places, and trains western college graduates exclusively for its own organization. Regular member representatives’ job functions must include recruitment, career planning and placement, or training of college students and graduates exclusively for their organizations.



Affiliate membership is available to organizations that provide support services to the recruitment and/or career planning and placement function and who do not satisfy the criteria for Regular membership.

Affiliate members may elect to have several representatives as long as the representatives provide support services to the recruitment/placement function.

Affiliate member representatives shall have full Association privileges, including voting, and are eligible to hold elected office within the Association. However, no more than one Affiliate member representative may serve on the Board at any given time.



Student membership is available to individuals enrolled and pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in granting programs of accredited/colleges and universities who demonstrate interest in career services/employer relations profession, Human Resources, or Talent Acquisition and who do not hold full-time positions in such professions. Student membership eligibility ends six months after the completion of a degree, or upon employment in the field, whichever comes first. Student members may attend all Association functions. These members are entitled to all the rights of full membership except for the ability to vote or hold office.



New/Transitioning Professional membership is available to individuals in their first year of employment in Career Services, Employer Relations, Human Resources or Talent Acquisition and/or individuals who have been laid off or furloughed from such an organization and wish to re-enter the profession. New/Transitioning professionals are offered reduced membership dues for a limit of one year.

New/Transitioning Professional members may attend all Associations functions. Application requirements and further eligibility are set forth in the Association policy manual.



Retiree membership is available to Association member representatives who meet the Regular or Affiliate membership categories, have been member representatives in good standing of the Association for at least five years and are currently retired from their profession. Retiree members shall not be entitled to vote or hold elected office, but may serve on committees and task forces. Retirees may attend all Association functions and shall pay the Regular member rate (when a fee is required) unless otherwise specified.



Bestowed upon member representatives who are retiring or leaving the profession and have been duly considered by the Board as meeting fully the criteria for such status as set forth in the Policy Manual, and are awarded this honor by the Board in recognition of substantial contribution to the Association during their years of active membership. Member Emeritus members shall receive a complimentary registration to the Annual Conference of the Association within a year in which the Member Emeritus membership is bestowed. Member Emeritus members may attend all Association functions and shall pay the Regular member rate (when a fee is required) unless otherwise specified.

Benefits of Membership


An affordable annual membership $150;
A centralized career fair and events calendar;
Branding opportunities in large networking spaces;
Discounted membership rates for students and new professionals


Strategic recruiting practices from other employers;
Navigating complex recruiting environments on campuses;
Industry recruiting trends through regional professional development events


Special interest groups on campus;
A gateway to thousands of potential employees;
Hundreds of schools and businesses spanning 13 states


Earn Personal Development Credits for SHRM recertification;
Credits are avialble at our MPACE Annual Conference and some webinars

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